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Canon Puncture features lively discussion about playing RPGs, focusing on noteworthy items from blogs, forums, podcasts and anywhere else we find useful ideas and insights to share in the interest of having more fun at the table. We also occasionally interview people who are doing interesting things with design and/or play.

Canon Puncture 114: Game Advocates – Hero System

Written by Orklord. Posted in Game Advocates

Game Advocates is a series of interviews about a single game, not with the game designer(s) but with people who have thoroughly played the game. In Game Advocates we ask about how the game plays, what’s fun about it, possible pitfalls for new players, and why this and not another game.

This episode’s advocate is Joel Rojas, an avid player and GM for Hero System who has been playing since 1st edition (which was released in the 80s!). You can find Hero System at www.herogames.com

Direct Episode Download: http://canonpuncture.geekyandgenki.com/audio/114-canonpuncture114-GA-Hero.mp3

(Intro music is Bruxism by Anakusis; Outtro music is Such Promise By Brett Adkins)


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