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Canon Puncture 131: Dragoncon GoD Post Mortem

Written by Orklord. Posted in The Canon Puncture Show

This episode Rich and Arnold are joined by guest host Kelley. We catch up and then Arnold and Kelley break down how they organized Games on Demand, what feedback they received and what they want to do in the future.

This is a solid resource if you’re thinking about doing a gaming event at a convention.

Here’s the cool sign they made:

Also, here’s the Fiasco Character Sheet Kelley mentioned.

(And a guide on how to fold the last page)

Direct Download:



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Comments (3)

  • JDCorley


    Cool show. I have always been ambivalent about Games on Demand. I’m a dude that plans out what games I’m gonna be playing at every moment of every convention I’m at. So to me the worst things about conventions are things like “players who don’t show up for things they sign up for” and “people who just come wandering up 15 minutes after start time asking if you have another seat”. These are exactly the kind of people Games on Demand is for.


  • Arnold


    I’m with you. I would MUCH rather go to Camp Nerdly or GenCon to game, myself. Dragon*Con just isn’t about gaming, at it’s core. There aren’t many people there willing to go through all that planning.

    But I’ve been convinced that it needed something like this, and it seemed to have worked. And I don’t mind running light stuff for a weekend out of the year, single-serving games to let people get their feet wet.

    I was SO glad to have a really serious, really great game of Fiasco down there too. Totally an unexpected bonus.

    Thanks for listening.


  • JDCorley


    Yeah, at RinCon there was enough Fiasco buzz that I could have run nothing but Fiasco straight through from the moment the doors opened until the moment they closed. People are still hearing about it for the first time.


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