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Screen Play: McDiary 001

Written by Orklord. Posted in Screen Play, The Canon Puncture Show

Greetings Tribe!

This is the first episode of a new show Rich is doing for the Geeky and Genki network. We’re launching it here as things are put in place on G&G. And to get the show a little exposure with an already established audience (that’s you!)

So what is this McDiary? It’s a love letter to Apocalypse World, which is Rich’s favorite game right now. In it, he details the decisions and inspirations for a brand new ongoing campaign of AW that he’s MCing (hence the title).

The game is going happening via play-by-post, and you’re welcome to follow the action, then hear Rich talk about what’s happening “behind the screen” each week.

Time Stamps:

07:07 – Intro to the Player Characters

13:50 – The Big Maul Names List

15:12 – Paul’s Thoughts


BIG THANKS to Mike Holmes for his amazing help on the Custom Names List!



Direct Episode Download:



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  • derendel


    Like the names list idea. I might try something like that once the original list starts getting old for me.


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